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Snatched off Britain’s streets. The truth from the victim who brought down her traffickers.


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‘They took me because I would not be missed’

This is the shocking true story of how an ordinary young girl was kidnapped off the street as she walked home and turned into a slave – before fighting for her freedom and finding the courage to help the police in one of the UK’s most shocking modern-day slavery trials.

Anna was an innocent student when she was kidnapped, beaten and forced into the sex slave industry. Threatened and tormented by her pimps, she was made to sleep with thousands of men. But she would not allow them to break her. On learning that she would be trafficked from Ireland to Dubai, she found the courage to trick her captors and flee. Later, she would also find that same resilience to help the police bring down her abductors in what has now become one of our biggest windows into the worldwide sex trafficking trade.

For the first time, the girl at the centre of the storm reveals the heart-breaking truth.

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Anna has worked behind the scenes with law-makers in Northern Ireland, playing an influential role in ushering in a radical new dawn of anti-sex trafficking laws. She was integral to bringing down her pimps, who are now in jail.
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Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson was born in Enniskillen, N. Ireland in 1969 and has lived in Belfast, England and the USA. As a journalist, he has worked for the Irish News, Belfast Telegraph, Irish Sunday People, Irish News of the World, Irish Sun, The Sunday Times and Vice Magazine. He is the author of four novels.
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