Life After Baby Loss

Life After Baby Loss

A Companion and Guide for Parents


**Winner of Author of The Year at The Butterfly (Baby Loss) Awards**

For all parents and family managing the emotional battlefield of baby loss.

When my baby died my whole world changed forever. I was left full of love, yet deeply heartbroken and faced with the task of living without my most precious longed for treasure. Following a fraught journey of trying to conceive again, two subsequent miscarriages, and an anxiety fuelled pregnancy after loss, I was finally able to welcome my baby girl into the world. This is the book I wish I’d been given – it will help you to not only survive the loss of your baby but to celebrate the life they had, no matter how brief. This is my hard won gift to you.

Losing a child is one of the most devastating events you can go through and yet, losing your baby – particularly before they are born – remains a taboo and often misunderstood topic. In this very gentle guide, Nicola Gaskin opens up the conversation around baby loss offering raw, honest and deeply empathetic support to all parents.

From coping with the initial shock, finding ways to overcome jealousy and anger, surviving birthdays and Mother’s Day, through to living with everlasting grief and the fresh round of grief and anxiety that comes with parenting after loss, it will help you to navigate through a huge range of intense and complex emotions.

Beautifully written and powerfully illustrated, this book will hold your hand through your darkest and lightest moments: read it to know you are not alone and that all your feelings are absolutely valid.


  • 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in loss and it is just not spoken about or recognised enough in our society. We love that Nicola is both tackling the stigma and helping other parents to reach out and access the support they need through this book.

About the authors

Nicola Gaskin

Nicola – affectionately known as Pea – is a tiny human with colourful hair and a keen interest in Buddhism. Nicola’s first baby, a son named Winter Wolfe, was born with dark brown eyes and lips that naturally rested in a smile. Shortly after his delivery Winter became suddenly unwell and sadly he died the next day, held peacefully in the arms of his parents. His life was swift but not without love, and Nicola, having publicly shared her pregnancy, made the decision to continue writing about her little boy, the grief she experienced, her journey of trying to conceive after loss, her subsequent miscarriages and the arrival of her daughter Raven Rain.

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Nora Leinad (Illustrator)

Nora Leinad is a pen name of Gabriella Fono. She graduated in art direction and graphic design in Hungary. Gabriella “Nora” has great passion for illustrations and drawings for kids. Her personal story of losing her baby boy lead to illustrate Life After Baby Loss which was a continuing and expanding of her well known instagram account @selftherapista. This blog which is so personal, intimate and yet very powerful opened her eyes about how important this subject is to others as well.

She currently lives in Malta with her husband and two rainbow babies.
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