The Smarts

The Smarts

Big Little Hacks to Take You a Long Way at Work


'Whether an Intern, Graduate or Manager, this is fresh and essential for performing in today’s frenetic working world’ Heidi K. Gardner, Harvard

From first day introductions to tackling a never-ending to-do list, hit the ground running with The Smarts, your essential road map to the new world of work.

Saj Jetha – economist and founder of multi-award winning training and talent advisory The Smarty Train – has distilled everything he knows about work success in this witty, irreverent collection of smart hacks. Having helped tens of thousands of people at major corporations worldwide like Accenture, EY, BP, HSBC and Expedia, Saj reveals his secrets for gaining a professional edge in the new working world.

You’ve heard the dry, pointless mantras about ‘working hard’, ‘being punctual’ and ‘dressing appropriately’; now discover the hacks that will make a real difference to your career, like why it’s best to have a difficult conversation with your boss after lunch, what to do when you’re stuck for something to say, and how to own a screw up. Easy-to-remember, beautifully designed and jargon-free, The Smarts covers everything from the basic (nailing first impressions) to the profound (getting to know how your brain works).

Whether you’re an intern, are moving to the next challenge in your career, or are the CEO, The Smarts offers indispensable advice that’s all about unlocking your talent; doing, thinking and feeling in the smartest possible way.


  • Fresh and essential for performing in today’s frenetic working world
    Heidi K. Gardner, Harvard

About the author

Saj Jetha

Saj Jetha is an economist and founder of the multi-award winning The Smarty Train (TST), a training and talent advisory described by clients as ‘The Secret Cinema of Training’. He works with governments, leading global institutions and universities on how to unlock their talent.

Saj started his career as a Strategy Consultant at Accenture and then EY, where he received a ‘Best of the Best’ Award. Inspired by his own experience of being born to immigrant parents and being the first to work in ‘The City’, Saj went on a mission to understand the smarts - the big little things to help you succeed at work. Besides writing, his passion still lies in accelerated learning and how design thinking and behavioural science can help people learn better at work. Saj holds degrees from University College London and The London School of Economics, where he received a Graduate Merit Award.

Saj works at all levels, from entry to senior levels, regularly speaking on issues to do with talent. In 2017 he was awarded the Freedom of the City of London and this year was nominated as a ‘Face of a Vibrant Economy’.
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