Andy Hamilton Sort of Remembers: Series 1 and 2

Andy Hamilton Sort of Remembers: Series 1 and 2

BBC Radio 4 stand-up comedy
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In Series 1 and 2 of Andy Hamilton Sort of Remembers, the much-loved Andy presents a collection of potentially misremembered anecdotes.

He’s been working in comedy for over 40 years and there’s a lot of reminiscing he can do…using comic observation and personal anecdotes he will explore each theme, examining how much (or how little) things have changed in the 60ish years he's been on this planet.

In Series 1, Andy looks at Childhood, Politics, The Human Body and Animals. He remembers his favourite childhood sounds (ice cream van anyone?), the politician he calls ‘the upstairs bathroom’, how his own brain and body occasionally conspire against him and gives listeners top tips on dealing with an angry bear and a grumpy alligator.

In Series 2, Andy sort of remembers tales about Sport, Class, Religion and Stupidity. He tries to convince listeners why everyone should be a sport fan, lets people know why heavyweight champion of the world he spilt wine on, shares fond memories of playing Satan on Old Harry’s Game and how being a middle-class child of working-class parents added some bumps to his university and working life.

Producer: Richard Morris and Claire Jones
A BBC Studios Production

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