Joan of Arc, and How She Became a Saint

Joan of Arc, and How She Became a Saint

A BBC Radio 4 full-cast drama


Can a young country girl lead an army?

Joan has no plans on saving France from the English but when the brutes turn up and put her beloved crows to death by fire she knows she has to do something. And if she saves France at the same time, well that is just a wonderful side-effect. Guided by her guardian angels, St Catherine and St Margaret, Joan decides to take a stand and fight for what she knows is right.

Dawn French plays Joan in this funny and poignant take on the story of Joan of Arc. The cast also includes Anne Reid, Maggie Steed, Kevin Eldon and Jim Broadbent.
Written and directed by Patrick Barlow, an actor, comedian and playwright. He is one half (along with Jim Broadbent) of the British comedy double act, The National Theatre of Brent.


  • ‘Joan Of Arc really loves the cows she looks after for a living, so when those b*****d English put them to death by fire she's on the warpath. And she's going to save the whole of France as well. Dawn French plays the Maid of Orleans with a Jam and Jerusalem West Country accent and there are constant references to her large girth. She's in her comfort zone, but so are we…this play's comedy credentials are impeccable. But when events turn more serious, the sound effects conflict, trial and fire are full-on and genuinely moving.’
    Radio Times, Radio Times

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