Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is


Previously published as The Ever Open Door, this is a story told with warmth and humour, about a hard working, down-to-earth community in a small Yorkshire town during the Second World War and its aftermath.

Yorkshire, 1940: Kind Sally Butler and her husband Jim are content in their little house on Potters Row. Jim's only complaint is that Sally is too soft hearted, always at the beck and call of any neighbour, friend or even stranger. Sally, on the other hand, accuses Jim of being a soft touch for anyone after a drink or two at the Rising Sun. Both accept that neither will ever change and they love each other and their daughter Daisy deeply.

Theirs is a close-knit family in a close-knit community where gossip – both good and bad – abounds and neighbour looks out for neighbour. And when Sally's generosity leads to an inheritance it should mean a change of life for the better, instead it brings danger and difficult choices for them all...

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Glenice Crossland

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