Radical Simplicity

Radical Simplicity

How simplicity transformed a loss-making mega brand into a world-class performer


The key to rising to the top of your company lies in a simple message and philosophy.

The ultimate inspirational story for ambitious innovators, market-disruptors, and global business entrepreneurs.

Celebrating DHL’s fiftieth anniversary as a world-leading delivery company, global CEO Ken Allen tells the unique story of his journey to the top of the industry. In this business memoir, he shares the strategies and skills he has developed throughout his career, drawing on both his core values and extensive experience.

This book is an inimitable guide to succeeding in any business, focusing on strategy and practical advice while revealing the simple lessons you need to learn to excel in life and work. It is an accessible read for entrepreneurs and managers at any stage of their career, packed with motivational material and no-nonsense tips.

This simple and honest book is a must-have for anyone looking to reach the top of their field.

About the author

Ken Allen

Ken Allen is the CEO of DHL – the world’s largest employer and most international company, with operations in 220 countries and territories.

Ken is a no-nonsense, miner’s son from Yorkshire, credited with DHL’s astounding financial turnaround after years of stagnation and loss.

When he isn’t running the show as global CEO, he is travelling around the world, sharing the secret to his success. He has rung the bell on Wall Street, shaken hands with the pope, consulted with the Prime Minister of France, and even met the Rolling Stones.
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