The Work/Parent Switch

The Work/Parent Switch

How to Parent Smarter Not Harder


You can still work and be a great parent!

Most modern parents work. And we have limited time, limited energy, limited patience and too much to do. We are seldom at our best at the end of a long working day when the parenting shift kicks in. We want to do the right thing but, in the thick of it, with no time to think and no energy to spare, it’s easy to miss the small changes that could make a big difference to our child’s (and our own) well-being.

The Work/Parent Switch is essential reading for every working parent. Written by an expert in child development and psychology who has worked with thousands of stressed out working parents, it will walk you through an approach to parenting that will transform family life and can be fitted into modern working patterns.

Covering all the key challenges such getting everyone out of the house on time in the morning, managing difficult behaviour when you’re tired at the end of the day, controlling tech time and avoiding Sunday night homework battles, The Parent/Work Switch will help you to stop feeling guilty about being at work and give you the tools to create the family life you want to come home to.

About the author

Anita Cleare

Anita is a parenting expert with an academic and professional background in child development and developmental psychology. After working in children’s services managing family support, including Sure Start children’s centres, she created her own company the Positive Parenting Project where she delivers sell-out parenting talks, seminars, workshops and coaching sessions to working parents.
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