Brian Gulliver's Travels

Brian Gulliver's Travels

The Complete Series 1-2


The complete BBC Radio 4 satirical comedy series about a seasoned presenter of travel documentaries, Brian Gulliver, who finds himself in a hospital's secure unit after claiming to have experienced a succession of bizarre adventures.

In series 1 we hear about Brian's travels in Gelbetia, a country run by doctors; Juradia, where every other person is a lawyer; Osminia, a land where marriage is outlawed; Sham, a country where alternative therapies abound; Erosia, which has a very different view of sexual politics; and Jampoa, where fame definitely equals fortune.

In series 2 we hear about Brian's travels in Chamanoa, where genetics is pitted against education; Lessington, where ignorance reigns; Gravinia and Plumpf, a land where the military are revered above everything; Anidara, where he finds himself put out to stud; Hermicia, where charity is strangely in abundance; and Kognitia, where selective memory is taken to a new extreme

Starring Neil Pearson as Brian Gulliver, the cast also includes Duncan Wisby, Vicki Pepperdine, Lisa Dillon, Colin Hoult, Toby Longworth, Adrian Scarborough, Dan Tetsell, Barunka O'Shaughnessy, Debra Stephenson, Colin Hoult, Nina Conti, Jo Bobin and Marcus Brigstocke.

Produced by Steven Canny

About the author

Bill Dare

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