ASMR For Your Lunch Break

ASMR For Your Lunch Break

Quiet Your Mind In A Busy World


Penguin Audio presents this unique audio experience by ASMRtist Emma WhispersRed.

ASMR For Your Lunch Break is a must for anyone looking to tune out the noise and refocus their energy. Whether you've had a stressful morning, a frantic meeting or a difficult conversation, this track is your calm place to return to, to quiet anxieties and feel refreshed.

ASMR For Your Lunch Break is a must have for ASMR fans, beginners and those searching for deep, joyful and meditative ways to relax.

About the author

Emma WhispersRed

Emma WhispersRed first discovered ASMR when she was waiting for therapy after an accident left her with PTSD. She started to create her own videos on YouTube and is now one of the world’s most popular ASMRtists. A leading figure within the ASMR community she regularly appears in the media and has worked with brands such as Coca Cola and Spotify. Emma is a qualified sound therapy practitioner and Reiki healer.
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