Stand Up Straight

Stand Up Straight

10 Life Lessons from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst


Transform your mindset and your life with these 10 simple lessons.


'Inspirational . . . Sandhurst helped me to discover my potential. Now discover yours.'
TIM PEAKE, ESA astronaut

Winston Churchill never surrendered.
Prince Harry has fought for mental health around the world.
Tobias Ellwood risked his life to save others during the Westminster terrorist attack.
Tim Peake became Britain's first astronaut on the International Space Station.
Nicola Wetherill led the first all-female expedition across the Antarctic ice.
Ed Withey even organized his wedding with military precision.

The one thing all of these individuals have in common? Their world-class Sandhurst training.

Stand Up Straight applies 10 simple but transformative lessons that every officer is taught during their time at the world-famous military academy. Modern and counter-intuitive, with lessons ranging from making your bed and ironing your shirt to achieving better discipline, emotional intelligence, resilience and fast decision-making under pressure, the book draws on first-hand battlefield experience as well as the leadership lessons taught at Sandhurst.

The result is an inspiring and timeless book of practical advice and military wisdom that will help every reader raise their game and face life's everyday battles with confidence and calm.
'Brilliant, practical advice. Can help transform your mindset and life.' OLLIE OLLERTON

''Military Mindfulness' . . . can help us all reach our potential.' TELEGRAPH

'I loved this book.' CHRIS EVANS

'Brilliant military rules that can change your life . . . Sandhurst's precious life lessons, self-discipline, teamwork, even standing up straight, can make life run smoother, better, nobler, longer.' DAILY MAIL

'Follow the General's orders and fold your socks. You'll be a better person for it.'

'These military men are on to something. . . . increases your chances of tackling the to-do list with a sense of calm if not ease.'

'It's a fantastic read on how to sort yourself out.' PIERS MORGAN

'It's a fascinating book, full of good old-fashioned common sense . . . it's a game-raiser.'


  • Fight your own battles with Sandhurst's self-help book.

About the author

Paul Nanson

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) is where all officers in the British Army are trained to take on the responsibility of leading their soldiers. During training, all officer cadets learn to live by the academy's motto: 'Serve to Lead'. Officers who have graduated from Sandhurst include: Prince William, Prince Harry, Sir Winston Churchill and astronaut Tim Peake. Other Nations choose to send their personnel to Sandhurst for Officer training because it is recognised as a world-leading military training academy.

Major General Paul Nanson CBE is a British Army officer who served as Commandant of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and General Officer Commanding Recruiting and Initial Training Command. During his thirty year career in the British army, he has served in The Troubles, the Gulf War, the Bosnian War, the Iraq War, and the war in Afghanistan, which saw him appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire for distinguished services. In his tenure at Sandhurst he established the Centre for Army Leadership, the world's premier centre for army leadership.
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