Balance Your Agni

Balance Your Agni

Essential Ayurveda (Now Age series)


Fire up your everyday life with simple, powerful Ayurvedic thinking.

The ancient wellbeing philosophy of Ayurveda can seem complicated, but at its heart are three simple wisdoms that can bring life-changing results to how you think, feel and live: Agni, Ojas, and Doshas.

Discover the meaning of the three simple wisdoms and what they represent. Learn the quick daily eating and living practices that can reinvigorate your life by improving your gut health and sleep, de-stressing and energising your body and mind.

About the author

Claire Paphitis

Claire Paphitis is The Ayurveda Coach. She studied at The Ayurveda Institute in London before opening her consultation practice in Surrey, UK. Claire revolutionises the teachings of Ayurveda with her unique approach to this current but often confusing subject. In Balance Your Agni, her first book, Claire covers the fundamentals of Ayurvedic practice while providing guidance for daily rituals, practical routines, and accessible remedies, to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, soothe your skin, tackle imbalances and more. Her mission is to address the important connection between gut health and mental health to help people live better. Claire has featured in Psychologies Magazine, Planet Mindful Magazine, and is a columnist for Natural Health Magazine. You can find her at
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