Life, After

Life, After


The Heartbreaking French Bestseller

When Antoine lost his wife, Hélène, he was left to care for their baby alone. In this wry and honest book he writes about how they have fared since that terrible day.

Life, After follows a father learning how to create a home for his son. From imagining the reviews he might receive as a parent, to dealing with the emotions that arise around a new relationship and talking to children about bereavement, Antoine charts the course of their life together with remarkable humour and self-awareness.

At times heartbreaking and at times vibrating with the joy of the companionship of a lively little boy, Life, After finds a way to answer the question 'How can I go on?'

'Powerful and revealing... heartbreaking' Matt Rowland Hill, Guardian

'A figure of hope...the portrayal of an everyday struggle to come to terms with loss and with single-parenthood' The Times

'A beacon of hope in a dark world' Cathy Rentzenbrink, on international bestseller You Will Not Have My Hate

About the author

Antoine Leiris

A former cultural commentator for France Info and France Bleu, Antoine Leiris is a journalist working in Paris. His first book, You Will Not Have My Hate, told the story of his wife's death in the Bataclan terrorist attack and how he and his baby son coped in the weeks after her murder.
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