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At home full-time with her two-year old son while his father travels for work, a woman finds herself struggling with solitude, monotony and exhaustion. If she has to manage one more bedtime alone, she fears she will lose her mind. So far, so familiar, you might say? But one night, a strange metamorphosis occurs...

Written as a howl against biology, history and the patriarchy, Nightbitch uproariously explores how traditional structures of power and gender continue to shape our experiences of mothering. Outrageously enjoyable, deeply clever and joyfully subversive, it is a book about finding the freedom to love and live as we want and need, whatever form this takes.

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  • Outrageous, gritty, smart, fun
    BONNIE GARMUS, Sunday Times bestselling author of Lessons in Chemistry

About the author

Rachel Yoder

Rachel Yoder grew up in a Mennonite community in the Appalachian foothills of eastern Ohio. She holds MFAs from the University of Arizona (fiction) and the University of Iowa (creative non-fiction) and is a founding editor draft: the journal of process.
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