It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated

The most heartwarming and joyful story of 2023


Dee Jensen's life is about to get complicated...

She's just found out that if she wants to start a family she needs to get on with it - fast. But her almost-definitely boyfriend Nat has almost-definitely just broken up with her.

Could platonic co-parenting - where two friends have a child together with no romantic connection - be the easy answer?

Dee finds herself suggesting the idea to a chef she's just met called Andy. And in the cold light of day he doesn't find it as laughable as she does...

But will feelings surface along the way?

And, in her heart of hearts, does Dee even want a baby?


Praise for It's Complicated:

'A beautiful ode to finding your place in the world, I related to Dee all too well. Charming, romantic and fresh, It's Complicated will make so very many women feel seen when it comes to the should-I-shouldn't-I baby conundrum of our thirties. Gorgeous' Laura Jane Williams

'A fantastic storyteller, and a brilliant observer of modern life - she makes me laugh out loud!' Daisy Buchanan

'Sharply observed, witty, and brimming with heart, It's Complicated asks readers an age-old question: What's love got to do with it (having a family)?, and answers it with panache' Lauren Ho

'I absolutely adored It's Complicated: Emma has such a sharp sense of what makes us human, what irrational sparks make us fall in love, what friendships are made of. . . I inhaled this book and felt better for it' Bethany Rutter

'Full of warmth, wit and a cast of characters that will stay with me for a long time' Caroline Khoury

'Warm, kind-hearted and delightfully sharp and witty, this is exactly what I expected from Emma's consistently compelling, charming writing' Laura Kay

'Fresh, pacey, surprising, and so intelligently and stylishly written' Niamh Hargan

About the author

Emma Hughes

Emma Hughes is a freelance journalist who has written for publications including Time Out, the Guardian,, Grazia and ES. An early excerpt from her first novel, No Such Thing As Perfect, was shortlisted for the 2019 Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize. She lives in London.
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