Quantum Computing (WIRED guides)

Quantum Computing (WIRED guides)

How It Works and How It Could Change the World


Quantum computing has been hailed as a technological game-changer. But what precisely is it and what is its true potential?

In this superbly insightful, one-stop guide WIRED journalist Amit Katwala tells you everything you need to know about the next computer revolution. He explains the highly complex science that lies behind it. He describes the competing efforts of the likes of Google, Microsoft and Chinese companies Tencent and Alibaba to create a viable quantum computer, and the different routes they have taken to meet the immense technical challenges involved. He considers the technology's potential application in spheres as diverse as medicine, cyber security and clean energy. And he addresses the fundamental question: how close are we to seeing quantum computers become a widespread reality.


  • The prose is clear, well written, not dumbed down, but equally well equipped to take you on a deep dive into the key concepts of quantum . . . A good book, thought provoking, and a glimpse of what its down the road.
    Irish Tech News

About the authors

Amit Katwala

Amit Katwala is a senior editor at WIRED UK.
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