Always You

Always You

A heartwarming, emotional and wonderfully romantic love story


Is it ever too late to rewrite the past?

When Lina and Ash were at school, they buried a time capsule containing letters about their hopes and dreams, and predictions for each other's futures.

Twenty years later, their realities couldn't be further from what they'd expected. And as for Lina and Ash? They're not in each other's lives anymore.

When a reunion brings Lina and Ash back together, they agree to give the dreams they walked away from another chance and embark on a trip that could change everything.

And if they can overcome what happened in the past, then maybe the end of their love story was really just the beginning...


Praise for Caroline Khoury:

'I couldn't turn the pages of ALWAYS YOU fast enough: achingly romantic and full of twists and turns, it's everything a romance should be. Just gorgeous!' Laura Jane Williams

'A complicated love story with lots of unforeseen twists and moments between the characters. I always love it when you can envisage how a story is going to end but the journey of bringing them together is an adventure' Elle Cook

'Always You is a beautiful celebration of love and friendship; a rollercoaster ride filled with family secrets, peppered with scrumptious sounding food' Emma Cowell

'A beautiful, romantic story that will whisk you away with gorgeous characters. A book full of love!' Olivia Beirne

'A gorgeous second chance love story, beautifully written and full of heart' Sophie Cousens

'A beautiful, sweeping, intelligent love story' Zoë Folbigg

'I adored this second-chance love story about secrets, dreams and long-buried emotions. Richly evocative, layered with intrigue and wonderfully romantic' Holly Miller

'A sweeping love story taking me from Cyprus to Mumbai to LA, with each setting so perfectly realised that I felt as though I was right there with them' Lorraine Brown

'Caroline takes you on such a moving, deeply-felt journey ... I cried several times!' Emma Hughes

About the author

Caroline Khoury

Caroline Khoury was born in Beirut to a Lebanese mother and Welsh father, and grew up in suburban London. She recently returned to the UK after more than a decade in Hong Kong, Japan and America.
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