Directional Living

Directional Living

Get Unstuck, Find Career Fulfillment and Discover a Life that’s Right for You


So many of us have done everything "right" for our careers. You picked a career "destination", got the grades, made the 5-year plan, checked all the boxes, worked hard, and climbed the ladder -- and now? You're miserable. Every career milestone has made you feel emptier and you've finally arrived at your "destination" to find that you're stuck, burned out and left wondering, 'WTF and I doing with my life?'

In DIRECTIONAL LIVING, Megan Hellerer shows us how everything we've been taught about achievement and the path to success is wrong. She presents a new way of thinking about our lives, one that turns away from the voices telling us what a good life "should" look like and instead employs a toolkit full of ideas for a step-by-step approach to activating your purpose and finding an ambition that aligns with the direction in life you really want to take.

Through Hellerer's revolutionary Directional Living Method, we can get unstuck in our careers or even transform them, move from misery to meaning, and find the work we are meant to be doing in the world.

About the author

Megan Hellerer

A graduate of Stanford University, Megan Hellerer climbed the ranks at Google in Silicon Valley and New York City for years before quitting to train as a career and life coach. Her global list of clients have included leading journalists, lawyers, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, a Fortune 30 Under 30 tech founder, the editor-in-chief of a major lifestyle magazine, and Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Directional Living is her first book.
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