Trusting the Gold

Trusting the Gold

Learning to nurture your inner light


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Even when we cannot see the gold, the light and love of our true nature cannot be dimmed, tarnished, or erased

Within us all is an innate purity, our gold, that we too often to learn to hide and doubt as we navigate the troubles of daily life. We lose touch with our innocence, creativity and tender hearts as we seek the approval of others and determine our self-worth based on the judgements of those around us.

In this beautifully illustrated book, beloved meditation teacher and author Tara Brach teaches us how to uncover our gold and let our true nature shine out with love, kindness and spirit. Tara reveals how we can strip back the layers of doubt and fear that hold us back and learn to trust the pure awareness, love and basic goodness that live deep in our hearts.

'One of the leaders in the world of meditation' Forbes

'Tara Brach has an uncanny ability to home in precisely on what we need in the moment, so we can meet that need from within' Kristin Neff

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  • The meditation guru and podcast superstar

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