See Me Rolling

See Me Rolling

On Disability, Equality and Ten-Point Turns


'The world was sadly not my lobster, it was a skimpy crayfish from a petrol station sandwich and it was on the turn.'

In this heartfelt, thought-provoking and often hilarious book, Lottie Jackson reflects on her experiences of living with disability: from the pitfalls of going shopping on a mobility scooter, and the headache of defining oneself on a tick-box form, to a slapstick scuffle with the so-called 'easy-pull' tights aid, and the intense pleasure of finally swapping a hospital gown for a slinky dress. Lottie captivatingly expresses the raw vulnerabilities, injustices and untold joys of disability, as well as the bizarre everyday occurrences that able-bodied people usually don't experience.

See Me Rolling is a playful, illuminating memoir, but it is also a clarion call for greater diversity and inclusion. Lottie powerfully explores the ways in which we undervalue and underrepresent disabled people in our society, and demonstrates how negative stigmas about 'abnormal' bodies seep into all aspects our lives, from travel, work and education, to fashion and social media. In this dazzling debut, Lottie reveals why we must strive for change and redefine what it means to be disabled in every facet of life. She has a voice that needs to be heard.


  • In her powerful, thought-provoking memoir, Lottie Jackson explores the ways in which society undervalues disabled people, and tackles the negative perceptions that beset them . . .
    Jackson's frank, fearless and sometimes hilarious book deserves to be read as widely as possible. Here is a voice that needs to be heard.
    Daily Express

About the author

Lottie Jackson

Lottie Jackson is a writer, editor and disability activist. Featured in the Sunday Times Style's Women of the Year 2020 as 'an important emerging voice', her work offers a vital dissection of the myths that beset disability. She has written for British Vogue, Elle, Guardian, The Sunday Times and Telegraph, bringing her fresh perspective on the most urgent conversations of today that strike at the heart of identity, social progress and diversity. In 2020, she was selected for Penguin Random House's award-winning WriteNow programme. Her writing redefines what it means to be disabled with nuance and wit, inspiring us to see new ways of existence.
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