Dark Matter

Dark Matter

The New Science of the Microbiome


‘Will change your life’ Chris Evans
‘Completely fascinating’ Heston Blumenthal
‘Important and devastating’ The Times

From a world-leading microbiome scientist and surgeon comes Dark Matter, a pioneering guide to hacking your microbiome for a healthier life.

Our microbiome – the complex ecosystem of bacteria, viruses and other microbes inside us – is vital for our health and wellbeing. An invisible powerhouse whose potential we’re only just beginning to understand, it influences our mood and appetite, determines how fast we run and even who we choose as a partner.

In this ground-breaking book, microbiome expert Dr James Kinross takes us on a guided tour of our extraordinary inner universe and highlights the damage we inflict when we don’t protect it. Showing through cutting-edge research and years of clinical experience, the practical steps we can all take to optimise the microbiome to live better, healthier lives.

Now with a new, eye-opening afterword on the rise of home microbiome tests, IBS and FMTs.

‘Addictive and illuminating’ Dr Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, bestselling author of The Kitchen Prescription


  • Important and devastating
    The Times

About the author

James Kinross

Dr James Kinross is a senior lecturer in colorectal surgery and consultant surgeon at Imperial College London and a visiting professor at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. He leads a research team defining how the microbiome causes cancer and other chronic diseases of the gut. Dark Matter is his first book.
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