In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency


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Bel Kumar wakes up in hospital surprised and confused.

Surprised to be told she had a near-fatal accident outside work. And confused as to why her ex-boyfriend is by her bedside.

Bel's HR record still lists her ex as her next of kin, but she can't think of a less appropriate person to nurse her back to health.

But who can she turn to in a crisis? Over-invested parents? A sister whose life has turned out perfectly? Friends she exchanges dating woes with over cocktails?

If this experience has taught Bel anything, it's that she should reconnect with the most important people from her past. But that's going to be easier said than done because Bel has never been good at asking for help.

And she's doing just fine on her own... Isn't she?

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About the author

Poorna Bell

Poorna Bell is an award-winning journalist and author of fifteen years, former Executive Editor and Global Lifestyle Head for HuffPost. She won Stylist's Rising Star award for 2019, Red magazine's Big Book Award for 2019. She was named as one of Marie Claire's top 30 women and is a Balance magazine top 100 Wellness personality. A judge for the Mind Media Awards and for the Costa Book Awards, Poorna has written for Red, the Telegraph, The Times, Stylist, I News, BBC, the Guardian and Grazia.

Poorna has published three works of non-fiction: Chase The Rainbow, In Search of Silence and Stronger, which is part memoir, part manifesto about women's strength and fitness. She is an experienced public speaker and is a regular contributor to BBC Radio.

In Case of Emergency is Poorna's first work of fiction.
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