Time For Home School: Maths

Time For Home School: Maths

Five minute fun games and activities to support early years and KS1 children with number sentences, counting and times tables


An exclusive first look at Five Minute Mum: Time for School with the Maths chapter. It may not clear all those home school headaches, but it will make life easier- and a bit more fun too!

The Maths chapter from Five Minute Mum: Time for School, is packed full of fun activities to immediately help support your child's maths learning including learning your number bonds, timetables and everything in between.

Time for Home School: Maths is THE book you need if you're home-schooling, from former teaching assistant, bestselling author and social media superstar Daisy Upton AKA Five Minute Mum.

This short chapter is all based around the maths your child will be taught in their first few years at school - Early Years, Reception and Key Stage 1 - will bring some much-needed laughter to your at-home learning and, if nothing else, give you five minutes where you feel like you are getting it right.


Daisy Upton brings her unique five-minute, learning-through-play method to these quick and easy, fun games and activities that are all maths based, using stuff you probably already have at home.

Maths is taken from Five Minute Mum: Time for School- the ultimate handbook to support your child through Early Years, Reception and KS1 - available from 15 April 2021.

Praise for Five Minute Mum: Give Me Five:

'I love Five Minute Mum. She's managed to come up with a huge array of activities for kids that are fun and educational yet don't require an Art degree or Diploma in Patience to execute. Her blog makes these kinds of games accessible to everyone and for that, I am grateful! - Sarah Turner, Unmumsy Mum

'So many fab ideas in here! Love it' - Rosie Ramsey



About the author

Daisy Upton

Once upon a time, Daisy Upton was a Teaching Assistant working in schools, where she drank hot cups of tea. But when she had her own children, she found she never quite managed to drink a brew while it was still remotely warm. So she started putting her TA skills to good use and coming up with five-minute games, not only to support her children's learning, but also to buy her time for that cuppa. She shared those games online and it turned out quite a few other people wanted to join in too. Daisy now has a large social media following, a website and four books, including a bestseller. Daisy likes to celebrate this fact by eating large quantities of chocolate oranges and creme eggs (season dependant), and dancing in the kitchen.
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