Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2021

Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2021


Bringing much-needed humour to a chaotic year, this full-colour cartoon companion features the most hilarious and incisive cartoons by Steve Bell, Peter Brookes, Nicola Jennings, Morten Morland, Patrick Blower and many more of the nation's finest cartoonists.

2021 is turning out to be another extraordinary year, from Covid crises and vaccine victories to lockdown learning, haddock havoc and Capitol coups. But, then, it has also been a very familiar story of Brexit blunders and Trumpian tantrums. The nation's greatest cartoonists have recorded it all with searing wit and astonishing creativity. Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2021 brings together cartoons from the nation's finest satirists, along with captions from Britain's leading cartoon expert, to tell the story of another tumultuous twelve months.


  • As a compendium that will have you saying, "Oh my God, was that only this year?" quite literally over and over and over again, it can't be beaten. I have to say, having made my way through a second collection, I'm very much looking forward to next year's . . . Rapidly becoming one of the literary highlights of my year.

About the author

Tim Benson

Dr Tim Benson is Britain's leading authority on political cartoons. He runs the Political Cartoon Gallery and Café which is located near the River Thames in Putney. He has produced numerous books on the history of cartoons, including Giles's War, Churchill in Caricature, Low and the Dictators, The Cartoon Century: Modern Britain through the Eyes of Its Cartoonists, Drawing the Curtain: The Cold War in Cartoons and Over the Top: A Cartoon History of Australia at War.
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