Untitled Giovanna Fletcher

Untitled Giovanna Fletcher


When you feel like life's beating you down, it's time to fight back.

Carly needs a break. Between her three kids, husband, mother-in-law and working on hotel reception she is being pulled in multiple directions. The reliable 'yes' person for everyone, Carly's always running at 200mph.

It's time to say no. Carly is ready to take back some control and start remembering the things she used to love. As she begins to step back from doing everything for everyone else, she's excited to discover new challenges for herself. But what happens when this newfound sense of freedom has repercussions she never saw coming?

As Carly moves through her journey of discovering the power of no, she also realises the importance of saying yes.

From the Sunday Times bestseller comes a new uplifting and emotional story full of love, laughter and romance.

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Giovanna Fletcher

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