A Ladybird Book: Rainforests

A Ladybird Book: Rainforests


A rainforest is a natural environment covered in tall trees that receives an incredibly high volume of rainfall. These lush forests are home to over half of all the species of animal and plants in the world!

Rainforests takes readers on a journey through some of the world's most incredible rainforests to discover the animals, plants and people who call those rainforests home. Along the way readers will learn about how rainforests can help combat climate change and how we can all work together to protect rainforests for future generations.

You can build your own encyclopedia with A Ladybird Book.

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About the authors


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Teo Georgiev (Illustrator)

Teo Georgiev is a Bulgarian illustrator, designer and artist based in Helsinki, Finland. He has received a BA in Graphic Design from Coventry University (UK) and an MA in Visual Narrative at Aalto University (Finland), where he explored the intersection of comics and migration studies.

From children's books through to editorial illustrations and advertising, Teo draws playful characters, surreal stories and whimsical environments, which he then intertwines with inspiration collected from nature, culture and history. His style is a combination of naïve shapes, organic forms and bold colours.

His list of past clients includes WWF, Habitat for Humanity, Converse, InVision and FineActs, as well as boutique businesses and regional NGOs.
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