The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read

The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read


All books want to be read, right?


This book absolutely does NOT want to be read. Not today, not tomorrow... No chance.

Because if this book is read all kinds of strange and magical things might happen. Silly things and secret things... Alligators might appear, the book might try to fly away, and before you know it you'll be having all kinds of unexpected fun. How AWFUL.

About the author

David Sundin

David Sundin is a Swedish comedian, screenwriter, actor and television show host, as well as a silver medalist in the Swedish Championship of Puns. Having charmed the adults of Sweden, Sundin set out to entertain the pickiest audience of all: children. In 2020, he published his children's debut The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read. which swiftly became the bestselling children's book of the year in Sweden.
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