Natural Wellness Every Day

Natural Wellness Every Day

The Weleda Way


Health and beauty begin from within.

Covering nature, skin, health and self care, Natural Wellness Every Day is bursting with insights, tips and recipes for a complete mind-body approach to wellbeing. Guided by the experts at Weleda, this manual draws on 100 years of expertise to bring specialist holistic advice to all - from soothing rituals and natural remedies, to the powerful benefits of seasonal self-care. This book will not only educate you on the natural powers and uses of certain herbs and flowers, debunk health and beauty jargon around sustainability and encourage you to embrace effective self-care rituals, it will also speak to the power of uniting yourself with the natural world and its cycles to offer practical solutions to everyday health and skin dilemmas and promote health and wellbeing throughout the seasons.

Natural Wellness Every Day is a complete guide to natural care of earth, skin, self and health, guiding you towards a routine that will activate your wellness from within and care for the planet at the same time.


  • Natural Wellness Everyday is a friendly companion of self-care. Caring for yourself is a prerequisite to caring for others. And while we take care of ourselves, we also need to care for our Mother Nature! Congratulations to Weleda on its centenary of accomplishments in maintaining the integrity of self-care, social care and environmental care.
    Satish Kumar, Editor Emeritus, Resurgence & Ecologist

About the author

Emine Rushton

Emine Kali Rushton is a wellbeing author, editor of mindfulness magazine oh, and a qualified holistic facial therapist. A keen wild gardener & plant lover she is presently studying to become an herbalist. Emine writes about her love of seasonal, cyclical, holistic living every month for The Clearing, a self-care course she runs with her husband from their cottage in Kent.
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