The Dog and the Sailor

The Dog and the Sailor


From talented debut picture-book maker Pete Jordi Wood, this is a forgotten fairytale filled with magic and adventure. With stunning illustrations that evoke Mary Blair and classic Disney, this is the perfect gift for children of four and above - or for any fairytale fan.

As one of very few examples of a fairytale that celebrates LGBTQ+ romance the book is an important example of representation, celebrating lives that are too often excluded from mainstream storytelling. The story is being developed into a film.

About the author

Pete Jordi Wood

Pete Jordi Wood (he/him) is a British author, illustrator and screenwriter from Cornwall, U.K. Pete has written original drama for Channel 4 and the BBC and was a recipient of The John Brabourne Award from the Film and Television Charity. He describes himself as a 'fairy tale detective' who has dedicated himself to the academic study of queer folk tales, myths and legends.
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