The Dog and the Sailor

The Dog and the Sailor


“Once upon a time, there was a kingdom full of happiness and laughter. The king and his family were kind, and all the people were content. All, that is, but one…”

Discover the timeless, long-forgotten fairytale of a handsome prince and a poor sailor who set sail across the high seas on the adventure of a lifetime.

When Ruan leaves behind his life as a tailor’s apprentice and becomes a cabin boy aboard a ship he soon learns that the ocean is a dangerous place… facing storms, monsters, and the darkest of magic. In his quest to help a talking dog and defeat an evil princess, can Ruan stay afloat?

Everyone deserves a shot at happily-ever-after.

Lost for centuries, The Dog and The Sailor has been brought back to life with vibrant illustrations. A reminder that LGBTQ+ heroes have always existed in stories, this magical folk tale is the perfect gift for readers young and old.

About the author

Pete Jordi Wood

Pete Jordi Wood (he/him) is a British author, illustrator and screenwriter from Cornwall, U.K. Pete has written original drama for Channel 4 and the BBC and was a recipient of The John Brabourne Award from the Film and Television Charity. He describes himself as a 'fairy tale detective' who has dedicated himself to the academic study of queer folk tales, myths and legends.
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