Perfectly Imperfect Puppy

Perfectly Imperfect Puppy

The ultimate life-changing programme for training a well-behaved, happy dog



I've been training puppies for years and I am yet to come across one who behaved perfectly at all times. With this book I really wanted to be realistic about the expectations we should have when training a puppy and demystify the process with clear, simple advice, based on science and experience.

In this stress-free guide you will learn how to:

· Choose the right puppy for your lifestyle, including the benefits of a rescue dog
· Introduce them to the family, other pets and children
· Tackle separation anxiety
· Train your puppy, while building understanding and trust
· Socialise them, so they grow into a happy, well-adjusted dog
· Prevent behavioural problems later in life

I love working with puppies because there is so much potential to make a lasting difference to a dog's life and to their owner's. If you can get it right (or right-ish), you are paving the way for a lifetime of reliably good behaviour.

Happy training!
Graeme Hall


  • The nation's favourite dog trainer
    The Yorkshire Post

About the author

Graeme Hall

Graeme Hall 'The Dogfather' has been described by the Telegraph as 'Britain's best dog trainer'. Graeme criss-crosses the country helping dog and puppy owners with behaviour problems. His motto is 'Any dog, any age, any problem' and he has built a glowing reputation on providing quick but long-lasting fixes.

After running a very successful training business, Graeme is now best known as the presenter of hit Channel 5 show Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly. He has also advised dog owners on his podcast Talking Dogs. An accomplished writer, his first book All Dogs Great and Small was an instant Sunday Times bestseller and he is now also a monthly columnist for The Sunday Times Magazine.
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