The L-Shaped Room, Backward Shadow & other stories

The L-Shaped Room, Backward Shadow & other stories

A BBC Radio 4 drama collection
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A full-cast adaptation of Lynne Reid Banks' bestselling novel, plus sequel The Backward Shadow and more

Award-winning author Lynne Reid Banks is perhaps best known for her classic children's book The Indian in the Cupboard. But it was her groundbreaking debut novel for adults, The L-Shaped Room, that made her name. First published in 1960, it was an instant success, and has been in print ever since. This collection contains both The L-Shaped Room and sequel The Backward Shadow, as well as two stories specially written for BBC radio and a bonus edition of Bookclub.

The L-Shaped Room - Jane is young, middle-class, single - and pregnant. Thrown out by her parents, she rents a squalid bedsit, where she struggles to overcome both her own prejudices and those of 1950s society. Starring Lynne Seymour as Jane, with John McAndrew as Toby.

The Backward Shadow - Living with her baby in a cottage inherited from her aunt, Jane's quiet life is shaken up by the arrival of her friend Dottie and the reappearance of Toby, the love of her life ... Lynne Seymour stars as Jane, with Rachel Atkins as Dottie.

Who Shall I Run To? - Sally recalls how she and ex-husband Jeremy celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary with a romantic trip to Paris. Read by Siân Phillips.

Lame Duck - Anne and her artist husband Lionel have three boys, and little time for going out - so they decide to take in a lodger who might be prepared to babysit occasionally. Sadly, things do not work out as planned... Starring Anne Rosenfeld as Anne and Manning Wilson as Lionel.

Bookclub: Lynne Reid Banks - Readers talk to the celebrated author about The L-Shaped Room, describing what it means to them and how it has changed their lives. Chaired by James Naughtie.

Text copyright © Lynne Reid Banks 1960 (The L-Shaped Room), 1970 (The Backward Shadow), 1978 (Lame Duck), 2005 (Who Shall I Run To?)

Cast and credits
Written by Lynne Reid Banks

The L-Shaped Room
Jane - Lynne Seymour
Toby - John McAndrew
John - Trevor Laird
Father - Bill Wallis
Doris - Nickie Rainsford
Mavis - Marie Gordon Price
James - Simon Armstrong
Dr Maxwell - John Rowe
Jane 2/Dottie - Rachel Atkins
Boss - Dave Bond
Dr Graham - Richard Mitchley
Terry - Robert Bowman
Addy - Shirley Dixon
Dramatised by Juliet Ace
Prioduced and directed by Alison Hindell
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 23 February-5 March 2004

The Backward Shadow
Jane - Lynne Seymour
Dottie - Rachel Atkins
Toby - John McAndrew
Henry - Simon Ludders
Father/Ted - Don McCorkindale
Billy Lee - Lesley Rooney
Alan - Keiron Self
Mrs Stephens - Manon Edwards
Dora - Siriol Jenkins
John - Trevor Laird
Joanna - Nickie Rainsford
Dramatised by Juliet Ace
Prioduced and directed by Alison Hindell
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 16-27 May 2005

Who Shall I Run To?
Read by Siân Phillips
Produced by Emma Harding
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 14 August 2005

Lame Duck
Cliff - Christopher Guard
Anne - Anne Rosenfeld
Lionel - Manning Wilson
Jamie - Judy Bennett
Terry - Delia Morgan
Dan - Elizabeth Lindsay
Jacky - Karen Archer
Mr Brent, a publican - Bruce Beeby
Mrs Brent - Jane Knowles
Directed by David B Godfrey
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 6 January 1978

Bookclub: Lynne Reid Banks
Presented by James Naughtie
With Lynne Reid Banks and a live studio audience
Produced by Dymphna Flynn
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 6 June 2010

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