Bridget Christie: A BBC Radio 4 Stand-Up Comedy Collection

Bridget Christie: A BBC Radio 4 Stand-Up Comedy Collection

Bridget Christie Minds the Gap, Utopia & Mortal


The collected radio shows of award-winning stand-up comedian Bridget Christie

'The current queen of crusading UK comedy' - Guardian

Writer, actress and stand-up star Bridget Christie has won numerous awards, performed 12 hit Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows and written the critically-acclaimed comic memoir A Book for Her. She's also created three hilarious and thought-provoking radio series, all of which are included here.

In Bridget Christie Minds the Gap, she gives us her personal take on feminism, asking why it became a dirty word and whether women still need it. From a bookshop fart to the 'Bic for Her' and a fish called Michael, she recalls the key incidents which led her to an epiphany and a call to arms - with the help of token man Fred MacAulay. And in Series 2, she takes her activism to a new level as she deconstructs a yoghurt ad, tries to find an icon who doesn't replace the word 'feminism' with 'bootylicious', and reveals the consequences of wearing an 'End FGM' badge on a popular TV show...

Bridget Christie's Utopia sees her embarking on a comic quest for her Shangri-La. Worried about world events - melting polar ice-caps, Brexit, Donald Trump - she attempts to find a way of living that will calm her anxiety. In these four episodes, she explores political disengagement, spirituality, a new life in the country and being mega-rich: but will any of them make her happy?

And in Bridget Christie: Mortal, recorded from her home during lockdown, she turns her attention to the metaphysical questions we all spend our life avoiding (while being interrupted by cats, chores, children and her own dead self from beyond the grave). Do twins share a soul, or do they get one each? How do you live in the moment? And who's blocked the toilet again? Covering 'Birth', 'Death', 'Life', and 'The Afterlife', this informal, personal series will appeal to anyone mortal.

Written and performed by Bridget Christie

Bridget Christie Minds the Gap
Produced by Alison Vernon-Smith and Alexandra Smith
With Fred MacAulay
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 7-28 March 2013 (Series 1), 8-29 January 2015

Bridget Christie's Utopia
Recorded in front of a live studio audience at the BBC Radio Theatre
Produced by Simon Nicholls and Alison Vernon-Smith
With special guests Mike Christie, Leyla Hussein, Sister Agatha and Fran Blockley
A BBC Studios production
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 7-28 February 2018

Bridget Christie: Mortal
Produced by Carl Cooper
Sound mixer: Olga M. Reed
With guest appearances from Bridget Christie's dad, sister Eileen and friend Ash
A BBC Studios production
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 13 April-4 May 2021

Photo: Tash Pszenicki
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(p) 2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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