The Trouble With Mrs Montgomery Hurst

The Trouble With Mrs Montgomery Hurst


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1841. Mr Montgomery Hurst of Radcliffe Park is getting married. To the great consternation of the county of Wickenshire, he is not marrying the daughter of an earl, but an impoverished widow with three children, whom nobody has ever heard of. Society is both appalled and intrigued.

Nobody is more curious than Mr Ashpoint, a wealthy local brewer, who had hoped Mr Hurst might choose his daughter, Amelia, as his bride. Only, Amelia has no interest in marrying Mr Hurst - or indeed in marrying at all.

Mr Hurst's marriage kicks off a series of events, as it becomes clear his business is everyone's but his own...


'Vivid, haunting, surprising'

'A full-blooded gothic mystery with bite, great characterisation and heaps of atmosphere' EMMA STONEX

'With echoes of Jane Eyre but with a heart of its own . . . Suspenseful and beautifully crafted' SUSAN STOKES-CHAPMAN

'This book delivers HUGE Jane Eyre vibes, gothic and mysterious Victoriana. I LOVED it' SOPHIE IRWIN

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  • Warm and witty, with a wonderful cast of quirky characters whose company I found irresistible

About the author

Katie Lumsden

Katie Lumsden read Jane Eyre at the age of thirteen and never looked back. She spent her teenage years devouring nineteenth century literature, reading every Dickens, Brontë, Gaskell, Austen and Hardy novel she could find. She has a degree in English literature and history from the University of Durham and an MA in creative writing from Bath Spa University. Her short stories have been shortlisted for the London Short Story Prize and the Bridport Prize, and have been published in various literary magazines.
Katie's YouTube channel, Books and Things, has more than 28,000 subscribers. She lives in London and works as an editor.

Katie's debut novel, The Secrets of Hartwood Hall, was shortlisted for the HWA Debut Crown Award.
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