Rejected Books

Rejected Books

The Most Unpublishable Books of All Time


This collection of imagined book covers will have you scratching your head and laughing out loud with every page turn. Though Pranks with Sausages and Holy Bible II don't actually exist, Rejected Books offers up a professionally produced catalogue of the worst books imaginable, and what these tomes (and plenty more) could look like.

Rejected Books includes delightfully weird covers of imagined books like:

The Sculptors Who Couldn't Do Hands
Cooking with Breast Milk
Possessed Toys: A Buying Guide
Unfortunate Gluing Accidents
Camel Toes Through History

Enjoy the worst book pitches of all time and rest assured that anyone can have a future in publishing ... even if your ideas are totally horrible.

About the authors

Graham Johnson

Graham Johnson, after being rudely interrupted by a thirty-year career in advertising, is now back to creating ideas for books that will be intentionally rejected, as well as products that should have been rejected (like invisible action figures and timetables for time travel machines). Graham has reassessed his priorities and has realized that figurines made of air and a timetable for a means of travel that doesn't exist yet are a far more useful contribution to society.
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Rob Hibbert

Rob Hibbert is a successful copywriter by day. By
night, he's a failed comedy writer. Some of his fails include: badly writing a book (Images You Should Not Masturbate To), poorly writing a web series ("How
to Talk Australians") and inadequately writing a TV pilot ("I Can't Believe It's Not Better"). He's also failed at stand-up comedy.
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