Don't Wake Dad!

Don't Wake Dad!

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A funny, rhyming picture book to celebrate Dad bears everywhere - the perfect gift for Father's Day!

Ssshhhh! Don't wake Dad!

Bear cubs, Obi and Nadia, are throwing a surprise party for their sleepy (but amazing) dad. They've got balloons to blow up, cakes to make, and they've invited all of their woodland friends and family.

Dad is sound asleep and snoring in bed, so it's vital that he doesn't wake up before everything is ready. But with so many noisy guests, instruments, party poppers and balloons, can the cubs get the party ready before dad wakes up?

This rhyming, riotous picture book is perfect for sharing together and ends with a heart-warming celebration of dads and all the amazing things they do!

Disclaimer: Remember not to wake a bear - all dads need their rest!

About the authors

Eden Wells

Eden Wells became a parent in August 2020. He hasn't really slept since . . . He sleeps even less at Christmas, when his level of excitement reaches its peak!

Eden is the author behind the "Don't Wake . . ." series.
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Sharon Davey (Illustrator)

Sharon Davey is a children's illustrator based in Surrey, England. She worked as a set and costume designer for 15 years before moving into illustration. Sharon enjoys collecting plastic dinosaurs and naming them after historical figures - and if she's not at her desk working you can find her dancing in her kitchen with her rainbow family.
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