Fritz and Kurt

Fritz and Kurt


A family divided by hate
A father and son bonded by love
A boy given a new life

In 1938, at the start of the Second World War, the Nazis come to Austria. They hate everyone who is not like them.

Fourteen-year-old Fritz Kleinmann is taken with his father to Buchenwald concentration camp - a prison of death and fear - just because he and his family have been born Jewish.

Through love and friendship, Fritz finds a way to survive. Until his father is sent to Auschwitz, and a certain death.

Fritz can't bear to be without his Papa, and follows him.

Meanwhile his younger brother, Kurt, must leave his mother and sisters for the safety of the United States, and sets off into a different world.

Two brothers. Two incredible stories of hope . . . even in the darkest of times.

A retelling of the Sunday Times bestselling The Boy Who Followed his Father into Auschwitz, a Daily Mail and Sunday Express book of the year:

'Shattering, astonishing' Daily Mail
'Extraordinary' Observer



    A deeply humane account and a visceral description of everyday life in the camps. Could not be more timely and deserves to have the widest possible readership.
    Daily Express

About the authors

Jeremy Dronfield

Jeremy Dronfield is a biographer, historian, novelist and former archaeologist. His recent non-fiction titles include Beyond the Call and Dr James Barry: A Woman Ahead of Her Time.
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David Ziggy Greene (Illustrator)

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