Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror

Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror

1st Doctor Novelisation


Jamie Glover reads a thrilling novelisation of an adventure in history for the First Doctor.

It's 1794, and the TARDIS materialises some distance from Paris during the French Revolution, the scene of the infamous Reign of Terror. Soon the Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara find themselves caught up in the tangled web of historical events.

Who is James Stirling, the master-spy to whom Ian must deliver a message? What world-shattering events are being discussed in a deserted inn off the Calais road? And can the Doctor and his friends escape a violent and bloody death at the dreaded guillotine?

Jamie Glover, who played William Russell in BBC TV's An Adventure in Space and Time, reads Nigel Robinson's novelisation of the 1964 TV serial by Dennis Spooner.

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  • Slick and polished...immersive productions of much-loved novelisations...long may we enjoy them
    Doctor Who Magazine

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