That Peckham Boy

That Peckham Boy

Growing Up, Getting Out and Giving Back


'Kenny's story shows us that we all have the potential to achieve extraordinary things. What a hero.' Bear Grylls

'If you are compelled by a hero's journey, then Kenny Imafidon is a hero for this generation.' Simon Sinek

For fans of Poverty Safari and Skint Estate, That Peckham Boy is a real-life manifesto calling for positive change for those on the fringes of society.

'When you're writing the story of your life, make sure you're holding the pen. In this life you can be whoever you want to be.'

Two days after his eighteenth birthday, Kenny Imafidon was charged with the murder of a seventeen-year-old boy in south-east London. The middle child of a single mother with ambitions for her children, Kenny grew up near an estate in Peckham where deprivation and hopelessness were rife, and gang culture flourished in his community. Kenny faced a minimum of thirty years behind bars - longer than the life he had lived.

When the case against Kenny collapsed, he quickly realised that his name was still inextricably linked with a horrific crime he hadn't committed. He decided to rewrite his story. It began with The Kenny Report, which he delivered to the House of Commons and which detailed the experiences of marginalised young people who drift into gangs, and has led to extensive work with charities, communities and policy-makers that is helping to change the narratives of other young people just like Kenny.

A candid and unfiltered take on some of the most challenging topics that define our times, That Peckham Boy is a personal manifesto exploring what it means to be young, Black and poor in the city. It is shaped by Kenny's difficult childhood, his transformative time in prison, and the people and conversations that took him from being on trial for murder into the company of some of the most successful people in the world.


  • 'A clean-hearted guy, even through the BS'

About the author

Kenny Imafidon

Kenny Imafidon is an entrepreneur, author, and social commentator. He is the co-founder & managing director of ClearView Research, an agency that specialises in research, strategy and engagement projects focused on diverse and underrepresented communities. Kenny has worked on projects across the world with global businesses such as Vodafone, Uber, Starbucks and Twitter, and with international charities, and large philanthropic foundations such as the Wellcome Trust, Macmillan, One Young World and UNICEF UK. He is a trustee of several charities, including BBC Children in Need. Alongside Lord Michael Hastings CBE, he is also the co-founder of My Brother's Keeper, a voluntary group that supports men (mainly serving long-term sentences) in 6 prisons across the UK. In 2022 he was featured in Forbes' annual 30 under 30 list for Social Impact.
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