Roy Clarke Classic BBC Radio Thrillers

Roy Clarke Classic BBC Radio Thrillers

The Events at Black Tor & The 17-Jewelled Shockproof Swiss-Made Bomb


Two vintage thrillers, written by award-winning writer Roy Clarke and directed by Alan Ayckbourn

Acclaimed radio and TV dramatist Roy Clarke is well known for his hit sitcoms Last of the Summer Wine, Open All Hours and Keeping Up Appearances. But before he came to fame, he penned two hugely entertaining six-part thriller serials - both directed by a struggling radio producer who would become one of the most renowned playwrights in the world: Alan Ayckbourn...

The Events at Black Tor - When young policeman Jamie is posted to a small village in the Yorkshire Moors, he and his wife Pam are anticipating a nice, quiet life. But the arrival of a curious letter sparks a terrifying chain of events. Aided by Fr Probert, a Dominican friar, the duo come face-to face with the forces of darkness, as they investigate a sinister cult of murderous devil-worshippers... Brian Peck, Juliet Cooke and On the Buses star Bob Grant are among the cast of this spine-chilling thriller with supernatural undercurrents.

The 17-Jewelled Shockproof Swiss-Made Bomb - History teacher Johnny Shields is hoping for a romantic evening, but when his date is scuppered by a mysterious man in a raincoat, he finds himself unexpectedly recruited for a dangerous Continental mission. Tasked with infiltrating a highly-organised smuggling gang, will he survive long enough to expose them? This diverting comedy-thriller was Roy Clarke's first radio play, and features Paul Temple star Peter Coke, Bob Grant, Robert Powell and Ben Kingsley.

Cast and credits
Written by Roy Clarke
Theme music composed and played by Trevor Holroyd
Produced and directed by Alan Ayckbourn

The language and attitudes in these programmes reflect the era in which they were first broadcast and may not reflect current attitudes

The Events at Black Tor

Pam - Juliet Cooke
Jamie - Brian Peck
Sergeant - James Beck
Probert - Bob Grant
Radio Voice - Heather Stoney
Vicar - Robert Wallace
Maggie - Ella Atkinson
Coroner - Laurence Bould
Brown - Colin Edwynn
Man - Chris Canavan
Woman - Mavis Rogerson
Tramp - Harry Markham
Superintendent - David Mahlowe
Chief Inspector - Ronald Harvi
Spider One - Douglas Fielding
Spider Two/Palmer - John Nettles
Spider Three - Colin Bell
Dog handler - Robert Powell

First broadcast BBC Radio 2, 18 April-6 May 1968

The 17-Jewelled Shockproof Swiss-Made Bomb
Shields - Peter Coke
Major/Leppi/Vittorio - Bob Grant
Greta - Veronica Doran
Doreen - Sylvia Brayshay
Tadpole - Derrick Gilbert
Muff/Daniels/Marco - Robert Powell
Jean Hogg - Heather Stoney
Alfie - Peter Stephens
Vera - Elizabeth Ashton
Mrs Beckett - Barbara Greenhalgh
Julie - Anne Stallybrass
Bruno - David Mahlowe
Karl/Walter/Sergeant/Pete - Ben Kingsley
Karen - Cynthia Grenville
Gino - Ronald Harvi
Foster - Michael Stirrup
Slip - Colin Edwynn

First broadcast BBC Radio 2, 18 January-5 February 1968

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