The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

Lessons in living from a doctor of ageing


Pre-order the latest book from Dr Lucy Pollock, a wise, compassionate and helpful guide to ageing with confidence

Today, we are living longer lives, and have choices now as never before about how we will age. What will make us happy? What are we frightened of, and what might allay those fears? What changes, made right now, will help us to flourish as we age?

This book contains lessons I've learned from thirty years of working with older people and those close to them. It looks at problems that can be fixed with tests and tablets, and problems that require a different sort of medicine. I explain what I have been taught about loss, about impossible families, about becoming older without children, and the important things I have learned about sexuality, race, love, and living with uncertainty.

The power has been in the wrong place for too long – medical teams have not always heard the voices of older people or those who love them. But if we are given power to influence the lives of our future selves, how best shall we use it? What do we want? What difference can we make?

This is the moment for us to act, to set in place a better society for older people, and to build the future we want for ourselves.

About the author

Lucy Pollock

Lucy Pollock trained in medicine at Cambridge and at Bart's Hospital, and worked as a junior doctor in East London before moving to Somerset, where since 2001 she has been a consultant specializing in the care of those who are frail and elderly.
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