Give or Take

Give or Take

A BBC Radio 4 comedy drama


Wally K. Daly's eight-part comedy about a young couple who scoop the jackpot on the football pools

Bank clerk Sam Baker spends all day surrounded by other people's money. For four years, he's been hopefully filling out a pools coupon every week, and dreaming of a big win - but with no joy. Then one day, Lady Luck finally smiles on him. To his total amazement, he wins half a million pounds - enough to change his life, and that of his wife Annabel.

The duo are delighted with their good fortune, and head off to London to collect the cheque and celebrate. But when their family and friends find out the news, and the press get in on the act, Sam and Annabel discover that being a pools winner isn't roses all the way. Their newfound wealth is going to take a bit of getting used to - and there are a few surprises in store for everyone...

Scripted by veteran writer Wally K. Daly, Give or Take stars David Roper (The Cuckoo Waltz, EastEnders) as Sam and Sharon Duce (Doctors, London's Burning) as Annabel, alongside a host of well-known character actors including Patsy Rowlands, John Horsley, Gorden Kaye, Tenniel Evans and Hugh Paddick.

Production credits
Written by Wally K. Daly
Produced by John Fawcett Wilson
Announcer: Peter Donaldson
Theme music by Jim Parker

Sam - David Roper
Annabel - Sharon Duce
Rose - Patsy Rowlands
Bank Manager/Mr Snow - John Horsley
Woman - Petra Davies
Policeman - Roland MacLeod
Cyril/Milkman - Jon Glover
Fred - Bill Owen
Pools Official - Robert Gillespie
Mirabelle/Marigold - Deirdre Costello
Police Officer/Desk Sergeant - David Tate
Telegraph Man - Gorden Kaye
Uncle Brian - Maurice Lane
Postman - Richard Davies/Tenniel Evans
Cedric - Hugh Paddick
Reporter - Vicky Ogden
Bolton Bill - George A Cooper
Doctor - John Clive
Parker - John Bott
Receptionist - Maggie Shelvin

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 17 December 1979-4 February 1980

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