Find Your Own Path

Find Your Own Path

A life coach’s guide to changing your life


Embark on a journey to living your most fulfilling, authentic life with the help of life coach Fiona Buckland

You are not in the waiting room of life. This is it. You sense you have more potential, more to give to your life, more of you - but the way forward isn't clear.

You're not alone. This is a practical guide to fulfilling your potential and living authentically - to finding your own path in life, based not upon fleeting happiness, but on fulfilment and meaning.

Life coach Fiona Buckland expertly guides you through twelve key steps, using reflections, activities and insights from her coaching casebook and her own personal experience to keep you going on this journey.

You'll discover how to . . .
· Separate From Your Old Scripts
· Build Your Compass
· Make Peace With Inner Critics & Saboteurs
· Find Allies
· Replenish your Energy
· Make Better Decisions
· Nurture your Ideas
· Raise Your Resilience
· Tell Your Story

It takes inner work to make outer change. What you'll learn from this book will transform your life in ways you might not yet be able to imagine.

About the author

Fiona Buckland

Fiona Buckland is a life coach, facilitator, public speaker and writer who has worked with thousands of individuals one-on-one and at workshops and events to influence positive change.

She was previously Head of Learning at The School of Life, a global organisation helping people to lead more fulfilled lives, where she is still a faculty member, leading workshops with world-leading brands and organisations.

She has also led several Guardian Masterclasses including 'How to Change Your Life' and 'How to be the Leader of your Life.' She has written articles for the Guardian, the Independent, and Psychologies. Her first book, Thoughtful Leadership, was published in March 2021.
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