The Goon Show Compendium Volume One: Series 5, Part 1

The Goon Show Compendium Volume One: Series 5, Part 1

Episodes from the classic BBC radio comedy series
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Immensely popular and hugely influential, legendary series The Goon Show changed the face of British comedy.

This first compendium presents the episodes in chronological order of original broadcast date. This volume includes: 'The Whistling Spy Enigma', 'The Lost Gold Mine (of Charlotte)', 'The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler (of Bexhill-on-Sea)', 'The Phantom Head Shaver (of Brighton)', 'The Affair of the Lone Banana', 'The Canal', 'Lurgi Strikes Britain!' (aka 'Lurgi Strikes Again'), 'The Mystery of the Marie Celeste (Solved)', 'The Last Tram (from Clapham)', 'The Booted Gorilla (Found?)', 'The Spanish Suitcase', 'Dishonoured' (aka 'The Fall of Neddie Seagoon'), and 'Forog'.

Also featured are some rare archive bonus items, including out-takes, the program Me and My Shadows: Peter Sellers and a PDF booklet of the bonus content which came with the original CD edition. Remastered using new material and the latest technology to give the best possible sound quality, these recordings are sure to appeal to all collectors of The Goon Show.

The Goons is a classic comedy which reflects the broadcast standards, language and attitudes of its time.

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About the author

Spike Milligan

A legendary and iconic figure, Spike Milligan was born at Ahmednagar in India in 1918. He received his first education in a tent in the Hyderabad Sindh desert and graduated from there, through a series of Roman Catholic schools in India and England, to the Lewisham Polytechnic. He then plunged into the world of Show Business, seduced by his first stage appearance, at the age of eight, in the nativity play of his Poona convent school. He began his career as a band musician, but became famous as a humorous scriptwriter and actor in both films and broadcasting. Over the course of his astonishing career, he wrote over eighty books of fiction, memoir, poetry, plays, cartoons and children's stories. He was the creator, principal writer and performer of the infamous Goon Show, and went on to become one of the greatest and most influential comedians of the twentieth century. Spike received an honorary CBE in 1992 and Knighthood in 2000. He died in 2002.
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