Do Yourself a Flavour

Do Yourself a Flavour

75 Easy Recipes to Feed Yourself, Your Flatmates and Your Freezer


Easy, thrifty, delicious food with a hefty glug of humour.

If you're a young(ish) person who wants to expand their kitchen repertoire beyond pesto-pasta and beans on toast, then you're in luck. Do Yourself a Flavour is full of ways to take your cooking to the next level.

Brimming with over 75 recipes, plus tips and tricks for turning leftovers into fabulous meals in their own right, you'll be covered for all situations, from those quick fridge-to-face moments, through to making a delicious dinner to feed your plant-based pals and raging carnivores alike.

Including dishes such as Puff Pastry Pizza Florentine; Sweet Potato, Spinach & Chickpea Curry; Mushroom, Ale & Lentil Pie, and Sausage, Squatternut Bosch & Red Onion Traybake, you'll find din-spiration that doesn't require a riot of expensive or bizarre ingredients, utilises the culinary skills you already have, and won't ask you to go and buy more equipment for your (probably) shared, cramped kitchen.

Fliss Freeborn is Fortnum and Mason's Cookery Writer of the Year 2023

About the author

Fliss Freeborn

Fliss Freeborn wrote her first 'cookbook' aged 8. It included a recipe for clotted cream and golden syrup on toast, and instructed readers to eat cake batter straight out of the bowl rather than bothering to turn on their ovens. From the age of 12, she was the primary cook at home, later taking a job in a café as a prep and dessert chef. During school holidays, she worked in the galley of a charter boat, which meant by the time she arrived at university, she was well-versed in cooking delicious food for large groups of people on a tight budget.

In 2017, she started her blog - Student Cuisine for the Gloomy Teen - to share her recipes, accompanied by a hefty side-salad of surrealist humour. She still maintains that clotted cream and golden syrup on toast is an outrageously good snack, but now prefers her cake batter fully cooked.

Fliss has written for the Guardian and is the youngest ever panel member on BBC R4's The Kitchen Cabinet. Do Yourself a Flavour is her first book.

Fliss Freeborn is Fortnum and Mason's Cookery Writer of the Year 2023.
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