"No Offence, But..."

"No Offence, But..."

How to have difficult conversations for meaningful change


'An empowering guide'
Laura Bates

'A great, thought-provoking read'
Stephanie Yeboah

A practical, inspiring roadmap for changing the conversation on social justice issues.

'Not all men'
'I don't see colour'
'To play devil's advocate...'
'Climate change is coming'

From the persistent to the insidious, too often, antagonistic responses threaten to distract and derail the most urgent conversations.

Tackling twenty of the most enduring conversation-stoppers, No Offence, But... equips readers with the knowledge, tools and context to respond with confidence. Alongside other trailblazing writers, educators and advocates, acclaimed campaigner Gina Martin helps us to unpick these phrases, understand why they are harmful and feel empowered enough to change the conversation.

Featuring chapters from Aja Barber, Ben Hurst, Cathy Reay, Charlie Craggs, Daze Aghaji, Ione Gamble, Koa Beck, Mariam Kemple Hardy and Azadeh Hosseini, Nova Reid and Salma El-Wardany.


  • An empowering guide to navigating difficult conversations from climate naysayers to the #notallmen brigade, featuring chapters from brilliant writers and activists like Cathy Reay, Ben Hurst, Salma El-Wardany and many others I admire.
    Laura Bates

About the author

Gina Martin

Gina Martin is a gender equality activist, speaker and writer whose work focuses on gender, misogyny and sexual violence. She is a proud ambassador for UN Women UK and Beyond Equality.

Gina hosts workshops for teachers on sexual violence and misogyny, speaks in schools across the UK, and is currently training in facilitation.

She is a monthly columnist for Glamour UK, and has written for Vogue, GQ, Stylist, Grazia, the Telegraph, the World Economic Forum and others.

In 2019, Gina spearheaded the campaign which changed English and Welsh law and introduced the Voyeurism Act making upskirting a specific sexual offence. Two countries have followed suit. In 2020, she worked as a campaign lead for Nyome Nicholas-Williams changing Instagram's global breast-squeezing policy.
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