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Billy and the Giant Adventure

Billy and the Giant Adventure

The first children's book from Jamie Oliver


One pinch of adventure, a dash of friendship, a sprinkle of mystery and a HUGE spoonful of magic . . . Jamie Oliver, bestselling author and internationally renowned chef, delivers the perfect recipe for a page-turning children's fiction debut!

Billy and his friends know that Waterfall Woods is out of bounds; strange things are rumoured to have happened there and no one in their village has ventured past its walls for decades...

But when they discover a secret way in, Billy and his best friends, Anna, Jimmy and Andy, can't resist the temptation to explore! Only to quickly discover that the woods are brimming with magic and inhabited by all sorts of unusual creatures, including a whole community of sprites who need the children's help!
  • Fantastical fun – jam-packed with magical creatures, epic feasts and brilliant inventions
  • Page-turning adventure – short chapters bursting with action to keep readers hooked
  • Amazing illustrations – bursting with illustrations from Mónica Armiño to bring the story to life
  • Accessible and engaging – designed with dyslexia-friendly font and clear spacing

With magical battles, a long-lost mythical city, fantastical flying machines, epic feasts and one GIANT rescue, get ready for an adventure you'll never forget!

See what readers are saying about Billy and the GIANT Adventure:

'I couldn't put it down - I would definitely recommend it!' - Abigail C
'I loved reading this book' - Holly B
'I really enjoyed reading Billy and the Giant Adventure. It was a funny and magical story with beautiful illustrations' - Chloe
'I love the different chapters and especially the recipes at the end of the book as well' - Paul
'A thrilling, gripping book' - Neeva P


  • I really enjoyed reading Billy and the Giant Adventure. It was a funny and magical story with beautiful illustrations.
    Chloe, Love Reading 4 Kids

About the authors

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a global phenomenon in food and campaigning.
During a 24-year television and publishing career he has sold nearly 50 million books worldwide, and his TV series are watched by millions of people around the globe.

Jamie has now published 26 best-selling cookery books, making him the top-selling non-fiction author in UK history.

Alongside his work in TV and publishing, Jamie also connects with audiences across multiple digital platforms, creating and appearing in exclusive content, the Jamie Oliver YouTube channels and a variety of social platforms.

Jamie started cooking at his parents' pub, The Cricketers, in Clavering, Essex, at the tender age of eight. After leaving school he began a career as a chef that took him to the River Café, where he was famously spotted by a television production company and the Naked Chef was born.

Jamie now lives in Essex with his wife Jools and their five children.
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Mónica Armiño (Illustrator)

Mónica Armiño is a Spanish illustrator. She graduated in Fine Arts and is based in Madrid. She has an extensive knowledge of both digital and traditional techniques and has published several books with various publishers and agencies in Europe and the USA. Mónica also works in the animation industry as a character designer, background artist and colour and texture artist for feature films and pre-school TV series like the award-winning Puffin Rock.
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