The Karma of Success: Spiritual Strategies to Free Your Inner Genius

The Karma of Success: Spiritual Strategies to Free Your Inner Genius


Fulfill your innermost dreams and ambitions by turning up the volume on your intuition and re-connecting with your Inner Genius.

Executive coach Liz Tran asks you to train yourself to listen to and be guided by your innermost voice. From tech to spiritual leadership and executive coaching, Tran has charted her own path by learning how to tune into her intuition and be true to her Inner Genius. Informed by ancient sources of wisdom like Zen, Reiki, astrology, and Stoicism, The Karma of Success invites you to validate the unique goals and ambitions you set for yourself and ultimately, are destined to achieve.

You'll learn the Four Pillars of Spiritual Strategy - inquiring inward, manifesting mindfully, enriching your energy, and becoming brilliant - and be guided by the stories of people who have looked inward to find meaning and success. So whether you're trying to start your own business, heal your inner child, or just figure out how to get through the next Mercury in retrograde, The Karma of Success will help you find your way.

About the author

Liz Tran

Liz Tran is the founder of Reset, a modern learning company, where she works as an executive coach to CEOs and founders. Liz is the creator of the popular Instagram account @Resetnyc and the Reset podcast. Through both mediums, Liz brings her coaching wisdom to a broader audience to increase the accessibility of personal growth. She is a trained meditation teacher and Reiki Master and studied yoga at the Samyak Ashram. Liz's work has been featured by the New Yorker, New York Times, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Marie Claire, Shape Magazine and other publications. She lives in New York City with her husband, Dev, and their dog, Grover.
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