Project Raphael

Project Raphael

Three BBC Radio sci-fi thrillers


A collection of futuristic sci-fi dramas

From acclaimed director and scriptwriter Jenny Stephens, here are a trio of sensational science fiction serials: supernatural espionage thriller Project Raphael, its sequel Project Archangel, and the dark, dystopian Jefferson 37. All feature a full cast of veteran actors including Dan Hagley, Emily Chennery, Sunny Ormonde, John Flitcroft, Oliver Hembrough and Dharmesh Patel.

Project Raphael - Deep in the heart of Yorkshire, British Intelligence are working with 'revenants' - spies from beyond the grave - in a bid to learn the secrets of the mysterious Nablovski Colony. But recently deceased agent Raphael is proving hard to find. Desperate to contact him, his fellow MI7 agents arrange a meeting with local psychic Malcolm Holmes: but when he brings his friend, would-be ace reporter Polly, along, the duo find themselves in great danger. As uncomfortable truths are revealed, can they reach out to Raphael - and avoid becoming revenants themselves?

Project Archangel - When ghost-hunter Malcolm Holmes receives a visit from a menacing customer at his mother's health food shop, he becomes involved once more in the murky world of paranormal espionage. Tricked into flying to Moscow with Polly, he is embroiled in the dangerous machinations of Nablovski agent Victor Peshkov - and meets the ghost of someone he once knew very well...

Jefferson 37 - In the not-too-distant future, human spare-part surgery has become the norm. State-of-the-art science village Abbotsville specialises in creating clones for organ replacement - for those who can afford it. But what happens behind its barbed-wire fences is shrouded in mystery and controversy. So when marketing expert Eleanor is called in to revamp Abbotsville's image, she is intrigued - but she soon discovers there's more to the clone farm than meets the eye...

Cast and credits
Written by Jenny Stephens
Directed by Peter Leslie Wild

Project Raphael
Agent Finch - Deborah McAndrew
Agent Evans - Aneirin Hughes
Malcolm Holmes - Dan Hagley
Polly Williams - Emily Chennery
Moira Holmes - Sunny Ormonde
Agent Raphael - John Flitcroft
PC Ahmed - Saikat Ahamed
Emily Cross - Sophie Samuda

First broadcast BBC Radio, 14-16 January 2008

Project Archangel
Malcolm Holmes - Dan Hagley
Polly Williams - Emily Chennery
Moira Holmes - Sunny Ormonde
Agent Winston Cardell - Delroy Brown
Victor Peshkov - Christian Rodska
Mike - Richard Derrington
Agent Raphael - John Flitcroft

First broadcast BBC Radio, 13-16 December 2010

Jefferson 37
Jefferson 37 - Oliver Hembrough
Patel 2 - Dharmesh Patel
Eleanor Riley - Alison Carney
Dr Abbots - David Birrell
Dr Martell - Rob Swinton
Lucy White 44 - Emily Chennery
Paul Smith - Alex Jones
Saskia Treby 9 - Helen Monks

First broadcast BBC Radio, 11-14 February 2008

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