Embrace the Chaos

Embrace the Chaos

52 Tactics to Make Every Day Count


Challenge your limits, change your habits and transform your life.

In Embrace the Chaos, Special Forces veteran Jason Fox sets out a revolutionary programme of personal challenges designed to help you reboot, disrupt your thinking and grow your capabilities.

Across 52 short chapters of practical advice - battle-tested on elite military operations and extreme expeditions - Foxy mentors you through a series of tasks that will enhance your life. Exercises range from micro-adventures and small habit changes to addressing your routine, cleansing your relationships, setting personal goals and learning new skills.

Whether you are looking for adventure, in need of mental clarity, or seeking military grade productivity, Embrace the Chaos will push you physically and mentally to become the best version of yourself.

-A new challenge for every week of the year.
-Practical advice and tips.
-Physical and creative tasks.
-Mentoring guidance through each process.
-Stories from Foxy's military career and expeditions.

About the author

Jason Fox

Jason Fox joined the Royal Marine Commandos at sixteen, serving for ten years, after which he passed the gruelling selection process for the Special Forces, serving with the Special Boat Service for over a decade and reaching the rank of Sergeant.

Today you are most likely to find him gracing our television screens and giving us a taste of action and adventure around the world.
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