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The T in LGBT

Everything you need to know about being trans


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Hey, I'm Jamie, a 29-year-old trans guy from the UK. I've been transitioning for 12 years now after realising I was trans (by accident!) at sixteen years old. I knew I was a boy since the age of four, but realised whilst growing up that I was different. It was only in my teens that I found the words to express who I was and what I needed to do. Since then, I've been on testosterone for more than a decade - I know, I can't believe it either - I've also had top and bottom surgery and legally changed my sex, so I know a few things about the transitioning process and being trans!

I want to welcome you to The T in LGBT where you can explore and learn about so many topics surrounding gender identity: realising you're trans, starting hormones, considering surgery, and everything in between. Whether you're questioning your own identity and are looking for advice on certain stages of transition, or whether you're wanting to learn about the trans experience to support someone or understand allyship, I hope this book can be your one-stop guide to everything trans related.

And don't just take my word for it either - this book is packed full of advice, tips, and the personal stories of a range of trans voices, because no one journey is the same.

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  • 'Informative, fun and inclusive.'

    'Offering insights for allyship and contributions from LGBTQ+ voices from across the spectrum of identity ... this book will help people of all genders and ages feel more comfortable in their own skin ... Jamie is a hardworking, fun, creative pioneer, constantly helping those around him to feel accepted and uplifted.'
    Jamie Windust

About the author

Jamie Raines

Jamie Raines is a 30-year-old trans man from the UK. Known as Jammidodger online, Jamie is a content creator and LGBT+ advocate with an online following of more than one million people. Jamie also has a PhD in Psychology, focusing on transgender development and wellbeing.
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